The Beauty Of Teapots

You may decide the time has come to add a new teapot to your kitchen wares. You will find this project to be easily done in terms of locating site after site with lots of pots to look over. However, choosing from all that are available is what will make this task not so simple.

It’s not just the very many kinds of pots available for your choice but all the items that you can choose to add to your pot to make tea making easier. You can have different types of strainers to remove the tea leaves, or infusers that will hold the loose tea in the pot while it steeps. There are timers to let you know when the tea is ready. There are thermometers to be sure the water is the right temperature for the tea you are brewing and so on.

Getting back to the teapots themselves, you will find they are made from lots of different materials. There are metals ones like the beautiful silver tea services you can find. There are porcelain ones. Different kinds of clay make different types of teapots such as the red clay Brown Betty. Some are made from plastic and some from glass. The later can provide an interesting show for the “agony of the leaves”.

Teapots also come in all types of shapes and sizes. We have tall ones and short ones. We have ones that look like traditional coffee pots. We have round ones, pear-shaped ones and multi-sided ones. There are even fantasy pots that can look like animals or bee hives complete with a couple bees attached.

Beyond materials and shapes of tea pots, you can have your choice of just about any color you wish. Reds, greens, blues and yellows abound. Many beautiful teapots come in blue and white or red and white. Many are glazed with whatever colors are popular at the time they are created. It would be like looking through history when looking at the colors of some pots. Even the precious metals will be around in the golden or silver trim on some teapots.

Finding a teapot from a specific location can probably be done if that is what you want. Being a person who wants a teapot, at least enough to look on line, probably means you want something you can’t find locally. It might be a Tetsubin from Japan or a special Staffordshire from Great Britain. It could be the most fragile porcelain from China. Whatever it is, there are teapots from all around the world.

Going beyond the other characteristics of the teapot, you will also find that the times have left their mark as well. Each movement or fashion has affected the humble tea pot. Among these you will find Art Deco, Rococo, 60’s modernism, and Art Nouveau. If you have a taste for a particular art or architectural style, you just might be able to find a teapot that reflects it.

So finding the perfect teapot for brewing you favorite beverage is all simply a matter of taste. Not only your taste for the beauty of the pot you pick, but your taste for your favorite teas will have some impact upon it as well. You could find that if you drink different types of tea, you will need different types of pots.

Some Of Britain’s Best Places For Afternoon Tea

Arguably one of the best British traditions is that of afternoon tea. Who can resist a cake stand stacked high with freshly baked scones, cakes, and handmade sandwiches? Accompanied by a steaming pot of tea, mmm, perfection! Even better are the places where your hosts roam the room with a trolley full of baked goodies. And venues where booze qualifies as an intrinsic part of the afternoon tea service are always favourites. But how does one choose where to go in a world where the tradition has become such a major trend again?
The best general advice is to avoid places who’ve spent vast amounts of money on an advertising campaign. No no no, you’re looking for places with a more independent approach. Many of the best afternoon tea spots take care of their own publicity through the successful use of social media, and simply by word of mouth.


In Scotland the tradition of afternoon tea has become as hip as can be. Cafes seem to be competing not only in terms of who makes the nicest cakes, but also who has the cutest vintage tea sets and cake stands.
Visitors to Edinburgh are absolutely spoilt for choice. It seems like an impossible task to nominate just a few of the best places for tea and cakes. The clear winner in the Twittersphere is Mimi’s Bakehouse. Mimi tweets daily pictures of mouthwatering cakes. And they taste exactly as exquisite as they look. Due to its massive following, the cafe recently had to expand, taking over the other half of its lovely �old warehouse-type building by the canal� in the trendy Shore area of town. Mimi’s is beautiful in every sense of the word, from branding to cake mastery to interior design. It’s cakey bliss!
Other local favourites are The Birdcage in Musselburgh where tea and cakes come accompanied with prosecco and cocktails in teapots, and Eteaket tea boutique with its lovely selection of mini-patisserie.
In Glasgow afternoon tea doesn’t come better than that served in The Willow Tea Rooms, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh himself. The lush selection of fresh delicacies tastes even better in the glamorous, old school setting.
T Ann is where to go in Dundee for yummy homemade goods in a cute wee shop just near the high street.


You just have to go to Devon for afternoon tea in England. Nowhere is better to savour the sweet treat that is scones with clotted cream and jam. The thought alone is enough to make one hungry even minutes after having finished lunch!
One of the best afternoon teas in the area can be enjoyed within the historically grand Lewtrenchard Manor with its blazing fireplaces and gorgeous period features. Afternoon tea comes in either a sober or boozy version i.e. with or without champagne.
In Mersham le Hatch, Kent you’ll find The Secret Garden where everything is locally sourced. Simply knowing that your scone and cream originated just down the road make them taste ever the more delicious!
Time For Tea is a total time warp in the heart of London’s hip Shoreditch area. Te faux 40s interior is a great setting to indulge in cakes and ponder over a milky mug of tea.

No matter where you end up having your afternoon tea, it’s bound to fill you up and make you sleepy so a nap is adamant. Therefore you need to make sure you book yourself a cosy and comfortable Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Devon or London Westminster hotel, preferably with a gym…